About MessFest

MessFest is the annual student-led comedy festival hosted at The Annoyance Theatre and Bar and lasts for four days in January. The masterminds behind all festival operations are DePaul University students, who have spent the fall pitching shows, directing, writing, performing, marketing, running tech, creating merchandise - just about everything but the bar. For obvious reasons. Let's get messy!

Executive Board of Leadership

Kathy Thompson: Executive Producer

Ally Montgomery: Assistant Executive Producer

Kenna Bartlett: Assistant Executive Producer

Sarah Metz: Artistic Director

Joseph Walsdorf: Assistant Artistic Director

Peyton Baisden: Management Lead

Dwight Bellisimo: Design Tech Lead

Averie Ledger: Design Tech Co-Lead

Melina Arevalo: Design Tech Co-Lead

Lucas Johnson: Co-Marketing Lead

Luke Herman: Co-Marketing Lead

Ava Cairl: PR/Social Media Director

Joan Starkey: Co-head of Dramaturgy

Josie Moore: Co-head of Dramaturgy

Audrey Gold: Communications Lead/MessFest HR

Skylar Harts: Assistant Communications

Hanna Anderson: Assistant Communications